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How to obtain a firearms licence


Complete an application form called  "PD 303 - Application for a Firearms licence" in person at your local police station. You will need to provide identification - 100 points system.

What happens after I apply?

The police station will forward the application to Firearms Branch.

Checks will be done into your suitability to hold a licence.

If you are considered a suitable person, Firearms Branch will send you a 'training letter' advising you of the training you will be required to undertake, depending on the purpose for which you wish to hold the licence.

  • If a T.A.F.E. course is required, information of venues of courses is supplied with the 'training letter'.
  • If your purpose is as a member of a recognised firearms club, your club's training officer will provide you with the relevant information.
  • If your purpose is as a security guard, a list of authorised security training instructors will be supplied with the 'training letter'. Justification will also include proof of employment with a licensed security company.

Further justification will be required for some classes and purposes of use. Justification will generally not be required for purpose of use 2 (target shooting) and 3 (hunting) and 4 (paintball).

When justifications and training certificates are received, Firearms Branch will send you a 'data card', with which you attend at a photo point, again provide your 100 points of identification and pay the prescribed licence fee. Upon payment, an 'interim licence' will be issued.

You should receive your photographic licence within 28 days.

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