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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence (DV) is an abuse of power which occurs when one partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate, coerce and/or control the other. It is a deliberate act and is rarely an isolated event. Over time, the violence tends to increase in frequency and severity, and can become fatal.

Domestic Violence is against the law

Police will support victims and hold offenders accountable for their actions.

Police encourage all victims of domestic violence to contact police on 000 (in an emergency) or on 131444 for police attendance.

More information

You'll find more detailed information in the following pages:

About the cycle of violence

Help and support for domestic violence

Resources and information

Victim support

Intervention orders

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Myths & facts....

MYTH: It does not happen very often.

FACT: Domestic violence is significantly under reported. Research studies suggest that victims are most at risk of violence in their own home and up to one third of the population may be involved in domestic violence situations at some time.

MYTH: Domestic violence only happens in lower socio-economic families.

FACT: Domestic violence occurs in all kinds of families, irrespective of wealth or status.

MYTH: Alcohol is the main cause of domestic violence.

FACT: There is no evidence to suggest that alcohol causes violence. Violence can occur without the involvement of alcohol. However, when alcohol is involved, the risk of violence and potential for harm may increase.

MYTH: The victim must have done something to deserve the violence.

FACT: There is no excuse for the use of violence.


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