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Commercial & Electronic Crime Branch

The Commercial and Electronic Crime Branch (CECB) provides a highly specialised and professional investigation service for complex and/or organised financial and electronic crime that is beyond the resource capabilities or expertise of other Crime Service Investigation Branches and Local Service Areas.  The Branch consists of four sections - Electronic Crime (E-Crime) Section, Major Fraud Section, Confiscation Section and Forensic and Investigative Accounting Section.

Electronic Crime Section

The role of the Electronic Crime Section (ECS) is to provide specialist investigation, technical and analytical services for:

  • Investigating electronic crime incidents of a significant, serious, political, national, international or terrorist nature.
  • Developing and implementing electronic crime prevention programs.
  • Conducting forensic examinations and electronic media.
  • Maintaining a case management system relating to electronic crime.
  • Providing advice/assistance on search and seizure of information technology equipment.
  • Developing partnerships with experts within universities/industry for advice and evidentiary purposes.

Major Fraud Section

The Major Fraud Section (MFS) provides a specialist criminal investigation service to facilitate the prevention and detection of major, complex and pattern fraud. The branch performs the following core services:

  • Specialist fraud investigational resources which focus on serious, complex and protracted investigations.
  • Targeting of fraud offenders through pro-active operations.
  • Participation in joint task forces with State and National agencies.
  • Developing a technical capability and an increased capacity to meet current and future investigation needs.
  • Investigating, integrating and supporting the investigation of criminal activity (including organised and identity fraud crime) which is beyond the capability of Local Service Areas because of its complexity, seriousness, level of organisation or degree of specialisation. 

Confiscation Section

The aim of the Confiscation Section is to:

  • Deter criminal activity.
  • Attack the economic base of criminal enterprises.
  • Engender public confidence in the criminal justice system by demonstrating that crime does not pay. 

Forensic and Investigative Accounting Section

The role and function of the Forensic and Investigative Accounting Section is to provide highly specialised and professional financial investigation services for complex and/or organised financial crime that is beyond the expertise of other Crime Service Investigation Branches and Local Service Areas. Specific functions include:

  • Providing advice/assistance on search and seizure of relevant financial information.
  • Providing advice to officers regarding case direction in financial investigations including possible further types of evidence required.
  • Assisting case officers with interviews of suspects and witnesses including formulation of questions.
  • Analysis of numerical/financial data to construct case evidence or test scenarios.
  • Rebuttal of evidence presented by defence based on financial data.
  • Conducting financial investigation and analysis culminating in reports that can be used for further investigation or presentation to Court. 

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